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    ONA Landscaping Water Feature


ONA Landscaping specializes in Nothwest style landscaping. Our designs are conceived to create flow and impact in your outdoor living. Plants are selected to create specific color contrasts and movement throughout your chosen landscape and style. Below are a few examples of installations. 


All our landscapes are designed to incorporate many different elements including dry riverbeds, patios, water features, boulders and so much more.

Style Landscaping 1

The hardscape approach to landscaping provides a zero to low maintenance aspect to your outdoor living space. Not limited to patios and walkways, hardscaping can include retaining walls, outdoor kitchen areas, steps and stairs, fire pits, sitting walls and much more. Something as simple as adding a winding path through your landscape using flagstone stepping stones or pavers can add a huge impact to your outdoor living space.

Stimulate your senses by adding the soothing sight and sounds of water to enjoy year round. Types of self-contained, low-maintenance water features can range from small bamboo spouts to larger bubbling rocks or columns. Great for attracting wildlife.

Inspired by the mountain streams and rivers of the Pacific Northwest style, ONA Landscape utilizes a combination of large boulders, streambed round rock, plants and hand picked logs to create your custom dry riverbed.  ONA Landscaping’s dry riverbeds are built to mimic nature and add depth to your landscape by creating a more organic look.  This technique requires low maintenance and can be designed in different styles unique to each individual landscape.

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