Drip Irrigation Systems

You Can Depend on ONA Landscaping For Reliable Drip Irrigation Systems

Many homeowners and business owners in Sequim and the greater North Olympic Peninsula want to do as much as they can to conserve natural resources. So when it comes to watering the landscaping of their property, they are looking for an alternative to conventional water delivery setups like sprinkler systems. The answer is to install drip irrigation systems.

At ONA Landscaping, we have years of experience helping people with this efficient and economical approach to irrigation.

What Is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a method of distributing water to plants and planting beds in a very controlled and systematic way. It’s designed to use water as efficiently as possible. Drip irrigation saves 30-70% of water usage in comparison with above-ground irrigation. Drip irrigation uses around 3-4 gallons per minute versus 10-12 gallons per minute from overhead sprinklers. Drip irrigation also minimizes or eliminates run off and evaporation. Drip irrigation can be run anytime of the day or night without damaging your plants. Anyone with a desire (or mandate at work) to curb water use will want to consider employing drip irrigation instead of a conventional sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation Systems
Drip Irrigation Systems

How Is Drip Irrigation Installed?

At ONA Landscaping we have developed an efficient process for installing drip irrigation systems which are excellent at ensuring your plants and trees get the water they need for establishment. Depending on the plant layout, we install drip irrigation grid systems to ensure 100% coverage in your planting beds. We place the piping above ground for easy maintenance, but beneath the mulch so you don’t see it. We install blow outs for winterization and to allow pressure checks.

After we have installed and tested your system, we draw an “As Built” so you know what zones water which plant zones. We then install an automated faucet time or an automated valve. You are left with an efficient, easy to maintain, and fully automated way to ensure your plants get the water they need.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

You may be acquainted with the concept of drip irrigation but are not yet very familiar with how it helps people maintain their landscaping and gardens.

Individual homeowners, as well as owners of businesses, with landscape that needs ongoing attention will often choose to install drip irrigation. They want the same advantages that commercial farms, vineyards, and nurseries obtain from employing this method.

Main benefits of drip irrigation systems include:

  • Drastically reduce water consumption. Since the system brings water beneath the mulch, you aren’t wasting water by spraying it all across the landscape, where much of it can wind up evaporating instead of hydrating the plants you are nurturing.
  • Save money on water bills. Naturally, with less water consumption comes smaller water utility bills. This is a prime motivator for many individuals looking at drip irrigation solutions.
  • Lowers maintenance with fewer weeds. Drip irrigation tends to result in fewer weeds growing, which saves you time tending to the landscape.
  • Automated watering. The system will automatically deliver water at the precise time you set.
  • Avoid soil erosion. Soil erosion is less of a concern when you work with a drip irrigation setup.
  • Reduced mildew. If you have been experiencing problems with mildew growing on leaves, drip irrigation can help reduce this problem, along with the diseases that can accompany mildewy leaves.
  • Can be installed in planting beds, hanging baskets, planter pots and raised garden beds.
  • Won’t discolor your mulch since the water is delivered beneath the mulch.

Ready to Install Your Drip Irrigation System?

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