Lawn Alternatives

Whether you tire of keeping your lawn watered all throughout the year or just want something a little different, lawn alternatives might be the way to go. With that move, you can transform your conventional lawn into an eco-friendly space designed to elevate the beauty of your property.

You don’t have to go it alone either because our team at ONA Landscaping is here to help. We’re happy to help design and install your ideal lawn alternatives – and we back all our work with a two-year workmanship guarantee. Ready to reduce your maintenance while also helping beneficial pollinators and protecting the watershed? Here’s what you need to know about our lawn alternatives perfect for properties across the greater Olympic Peninsula.

lawn alternatives
lawn alternatives

Why Choose Lawn Alternatives?

  • Work with nature rather than against it.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Provide ground cover that is drought resistant, durable, and resilient.
  • Create habitat for beneficial insects.
  • Reduce the need for large amounts of water and eliminate the need for fertilizers, and harmful herbicides.

With their unique plant makeup, ecology lawns and other lawn alternatives free you from the drudgery of caring for your lawn on a set schedule, lawn alternatives don’t rely on constant mowing, watering, fertilizing and herbicide applications. Instead, you can let nature take its course and let your lawn become whatever thrives, or better yet, convert your mowable lawn to a natural meadow that only needs occasional field mowing. If you convert some of your mowable lawn into a non mowable lawn alternative, you won’t have to drag out the lawnmower, weed whacker, and other lawn tools nearly as often as usual – if at all.

Lawn alternatives benefit the world as a whole, too. When choosing sustainable drought tolerant seed mixes, they reduce your environmental and carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of water you use each year. And if you create your lawn using native plants, they’re a boon to the wildlife in your area, supporting the health and wellness of all the creatures in your midst.

Top Lawn Alternatives in the Greater Olympic Peninsula

The diverse ecology and climate of the Olympic Peninsula can prove challenging when deciding how to create your ideal landscape design. But with our help, you can select the lawn alternatives that will work best for your property, such as:

Ecology Lawn

Designed to work with nature, our ecology lawns grow fast to create a durable and resilient ground cover you’re sure to love. Our smart, eco-friendly ground cover mix includes clover, wildflowers, and herbs designed to thrive year-round. All the plants in the mix serve as fantastic companions, supporting each other’s growth while creating your ideal look.

Convert Lawns to Ground Cover

For smaller areas and a more uniform appearance, creeping ground cover or ornamental grasses could work well for your needs. Ground covers such as Vinca minor ‘Bowles,’ Kinnikinnick, and Fragaria chiloensis are great options. Ornamental grasses, including Ophiopogon japonicus, Helictotrichon sempervirens, and other native/non-native species, will grow in quickly.


When you’d rather not mow the lawn ever again, just let wildflowers take over big stretches of your property. As the wildflowers bloom, they light up the land in color, creating a breathtaking scene you’ll never tire of viewing. For the best results, it’s important to only plant native wildflowers – and we can help you do just that.


If you have a shady area, most likely moss will be present, and although not a conventional choice, moss can make for a fantastic lawn alternative, giving nod to the amazing temperate rainforest growing nearby.

Want to take your landscape design to the next level? Pair your lawn alternatives with hardscaping elements to build out a spectacular oasis. From patios to stepping stones, we can build it all. We’re even well-versed in creating self-contained water features, like waterfalls, to best complement your lawn alternatives and gardens.

Replace Your Conventional Grass with Smart Lawn Alternatives

If you’re ready to say goodbye to ordinary grass by replacing it with smart lawn alternatives, just get in touch with our team at ONA Landscaping. As your premier landscaping company in the greater Olympic Peninsula, we understand just how to transform your landscape to best match your vision.

Call us today at 360-683-5741 to discuss your project ideas. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured and offers an industry-best 2-year workmanship guarantee.