Landscape Lighting

A visually pleasing space is the dream of every property owner. Although our water features, paver patios, or plant arrangements might steal the landscaping limelight, a well-designed landscape lighting solution also plays a crucial role in showcasing design elements at night.

Do you have a stone accent wall or an interesting grouping of trees? Do you have pathways leading around your home and garden? Landscape lighting, also known as garden or outdoor lighting, involves using hard wired low voltage LED lighting fixtures to illuminate hardscape features, trees, boulders, water features, decks, pathways, and stairs.

There are many situations where choosing the right setup could make a significant difference to the look of your property:

  • Uplighting your front entryway columns to make the path toward your door easier to see.
  • Lighting up your backyard recreation or party area.
  • Attracting attention to a particularly striking characteristic of your garden.

Why You Need Landscape Lighting

We can effortlessly create a feeling of style and elegance to your garden and walkways, light up patios or backyards, or create a sense of security and peace of mind when you illuminate your driveways and property boundaries.
Whether you want to add a unique ambiance, improve safety and security, or completely revitalize your home’s look, we have designers and landscape lighting specialists who will create a simple, safe, and stunning personalized design.

Light the Best Features of Your Space

With our landscape lighting solutions, you can realize your dream appeal and enhance your home’s best features by lighting your patios, entryways, pathways, and other elements of the property’s landscaping.
Lighting is a great addition to your landscaping because it creates a warm and inviting feel.

At ONA Landscaping, we combine a range of landscape lighting finishes and styles to create a look that compliments the space at night and does not look out of place in the daytime. From path lights that stand out along walkways to lighting that matches outdoor furniture or mood lighting that accentuates water features, you can count on us to breathe life into your vision.

Landscape Lighting Functionality and Safety

The right landscape lighting goes a long way to creating functional, livable spaces around decks, patios, and walkways.

Our path lighting will allow your family, guests, or employees to safely and easily navigate your grounds.

Choose ONA Landscaping for Outdoor Lighting

From beautifying outdoor spaces and adding character to improving functionality and security, you can count on ONA Landscaping to bring out the best features of your property because:

We Have a Range of Landscape Lighting Solutions

We provide a wide variety of landscape lighting systems to enhance your landscaping. Whether you need lighting to allow you and your family to spend more time outdoors, want to improve your property’s functionality and security, or want to add some character to your home, ONA Landscaping has the ideal solution for you.

Our Process Focuses on You

As with all other ONA Landscaping solutions, we have a design process that ensures that we deliver the perfect solution for your needs. Our team will work with you so we can understand your vision, know the intended use of the outdoor area, and the textures and styles that appeal most to you. We can help you select lighting fixtures to make your dreams a reality with this information.

We Have a Team of Experienced Experts

Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured professionals have extensive outdoor design expertise and knowledge of different installation techniques and product specifications. Our know-how ensures that we not only complete your project quickly but will also ensure a quality job, so your lighting serves you for years to come.

Let Us Help You Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces

At ONA Landscaping, we have built a reputation as the leading landscaping professionals for residential and commercial solutions in the North Olympic Peninsula. Our priority is to design beautiful, safe, functional, and personal spaces for people to enjoy for generations.

No matter your style preference, objective, or purpose, we are ready to work with you to design and install effective landscape lighting for your property. Want to know more? Contact ONA Landscaping today.