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    ONA landscaping boulders in Sequim, WA

High Quality Landscaping & Design

Installation ~ Renovation ~ Irrigation

From consultation and design to finished product, ONA Landscaping is known as the highest quality landscape installation company on the Peninsula. Our number one priority is to create a functional and personal space that will be enjoyed for generations. Specially designed to age with beauty, our landscapes include a unique placement of native and non-native plants alike creating a flow that naturally grows together over time. Some examples of work can be seen at the 7 Cedars Casino, Longhouse Market & Deli as well as Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course in Sequim, WA.

Initial Consultation

ONA Landscaping prides itself on punctuality starting with the first call-back. From there, we talk to you about your needs and interests before setting up the initial consultation. During the consultation, we will assess the area, take measurements and discuss in more detail what you’re visualizing. If you need help deciding what to do with your space, we will offer our expertise until you are satisfied with a plan. Once the design is finalized, work is scheduled.

If a project requires a design, a detailed, to-scale drawing is provided using your property plan. The next step is meeting to discuss the design and fine tune any details. Once the landscape design is finalized, a proposal is presented and the project scheduled upon approval.

Once ONA Landscaping starts a project, we don’t stop until it’s completed (as long as conditions allow). We have the capability to accomplish large jobs quickly while always keeping quality our top priority.

Natural Approach

We have always utilized natural principles in our landscaping style; however, we have realized how important it is to take a step even further. It’s time to change our ways to strive for an even more natural approach. This is why we are going 100% towards an earth-friendly approach that will conserve water and resources while providing a low-maintenance and beautiful landscape that works and is good for people and nature.

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Ecology Lawns

  • Work with nature rather than against it.
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Provide groundcover that is drought resistant, durable, and resilient
  • Create habitat for beneficial insects
  • Reduce the need for large amounts of water, fertilizers, and harmful chemicals

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Landscape Installation 1
Landscape Installation 2