Dry River Beds

Dry river beds are at the heart of the Pacific Northwest-style landscaping we’re famed for at ONA. Our designs are inspired by the mountain streams and rivers intersecting the landscape of our home state of Washington. Based in Clallam County, we’re the region’s go-to source of nature-inspired landscaping.

What Are Dry River Beds?

Dry river beds are landscaping features designed to mimic those found in nature. To create the look, ONA Landscaping utilizes a combination of boulders, rocks, and hand-picked logs. These are used to form natural-looking custom dry riverbeds. We then plant around them to reflect nature and add depth to yards, gardens, and other outside spaces.

Advantages of Dry Beds

Dry river beds serve to provide a natural-looking focal point in Northwest-style landscaping schemes. Dry river beds create interest and flow to planting areas. Far beyond their aesthetic appeal, they can also help with drainage problems by catching and directing stormwater and groundwater.

dry river beds 1
dry river beds 2

Dry River Beds from ONA Landscaping

From eye-catching dry riverbeds to patios, walkways, and wildflower meadows, our Northwest-style landscaping designs turn underutilized yards and gardens into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Our designs flow seamlessly through existing environments, often thanks in no small part to the addition of our much-loved dry river beds.

Accompanying Landscaping Features

Alongside these beds, we can also integrate outdoor kitchen areas, fire pits, dining areas, and more. These stylish additions are similarly eye-catching. Yet, like everything we do at ONA Landscaping, they’re incredibly natural in appearance.

We firmly believe in designing and implementing landscapes that mimic natural environments in unique and functional ways.

Dry River Beds on the Olympic Peninsula

ONA is proud to be the highest-rated landscaping company on the Olympic Peninsula. Recognized for our residential and commercial landscaping designs, we’re renowned for our dry river beds. These features routinely form an integral part of our landscaping schemes.

After more than 45 years in business and across Sequim, Port Angeles, and the Olympic Peninsula, we’ve installed countless landscaping projects containing dry river beds. Each is at the heart of breathtaking outdoor living spaces. In addition, we’re also on hand to install other forms of hardscape.

Examples include stairs, steps, and retaining walls. That’s in addition to fire pits, outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and other beautifully integrated features.

Outdoor living spaces in Port Townsend, WA.

Planning and Design

Our team has decades of experience planning, designing, and installing dry river beds. At the same time, we can also plan, design, and install various complementary features such as boulders and rockeries, aggregate and other rock products, edging, and more. These blend seamlessly.

Moreover, we’re also experts when it comes to outdoor lighting, fences and screens, drip irrigation, water features, soil, mulches, native planting, and numerous other nature-inspired landscaping options.

Landscaping Needs for Dry River Beds

If you’re searching for dry river beds in Clallam County, look no further than ONA Landscaping. Our natural approach to installing landscaping features promises beautiful results that are fantastic for the planet. Using only the finest quality materials, we’re dedicated to delivering landscaping that families can enjoy for generations to come. Contact us today to see how we can transform your outdoor space!