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At ONA Landscaping, we understand that hardscaping is more than just a visual enhancement to your outdoor space—it’s a long-term investment in your property. Our skilled team specializes in creating durable and aesthetically pleasing hardscapes that are as functional as beautiful. From intricately designed stone pathways to sturdy retaining walls and elegant patios, we utilize our expertise to elevate your outdoor environment with structures that stand the test of time.

Every project is a unique canvas, and we apply our hardscaping knowledge meticulously, ensuring that each element not only complements your home’s aesthetics but also contributes to the undeniable charm of your landscape. Trust ONA Landscaping to transform your vision into a tangible reality, turning your property into a masterpiece of form, function, and finesse.


ONA Landscaping, a renowned landscaping company, deeply appreciates the untapped potential of a thoughtfully designed outdoor space. With our expertise, we understand that a well-crafted landscape not only showcases the aesthetic beauty of your property but also elevates its functionality and overall value. Whether creating a serene garden retreat, a vibrant outdoor living area, or a sustainable landscape design, our team is committed to transforming your outdoor space into a captivating oasis that perfectly aligns with your vision and lifestyle. Let us unlock your property’s full potential and create an outdoor haven that you can cherish for years to come.


Our services extend beyond base aesthetics—we specialize in designing and installing custom hardscape features that perfectly blend beauty and functionality. With a rich legacy of craftsmanship honed over decades of experience, we pledge to meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to quality ensures that your outdoor space is transformed according to your vision, ultimately creating an environment that is a true extension of your lifestyle.

Examples of hardscaping projects that use these materials are:

Landscaping Company
  • Water features and dry river beds
  • Natural flagstone or paver patios and walkways
  • Metal edging along planting beds or gravel walkways
  • Cedar fencing and privacy screens
  • Deer fencing
  • Metal fabrication for screens, arbors, trellises, planters, water features, and more, adding a rustic or unique look.
  • Timber stairs and walls
  • Aggregate products for gravel paths, rock borders around your home, retaining walls, custom decorative retaining walls, accent boulders, and boulder rockeries
  • Boulder, brick, or metal fire pits
  • Wood framed gazebos, pergolas, and trellises

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Hardscaping is the aspect of landscape design that incorporates non-living materials into your outdoor space, providing both structure and artistry. The elements included in hardscaping encompass a wide range of materials such as concrete, rocks, pavers, natural stone, metal edging, composites, and wood. These materials are skillfully arranged to construct enduring features like elegant patios and decks, inviting walkways, supportive retaining walls, cozy fire pits, secure fencing, charming gazebos, and stylish pergolas. Hardscaping goes beyond mere functionality; it significantly enhances the visual appeal of your yard or garden, turning your property into a stunning showcase while improving its usability. Whether you seek to create an area for relaxation, entertainment, or just to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor sanctuary, hardscaping lays the foundation for a landscape that’s as practical as it is picturesque.


ONA landscaping hardscaping pavement


ONA Landscaping has cultivated a reputation for excellence in hardscaping installations. Our projects endure the elements and continue to add value and charm year after year. With a meticulous eye for quality, we ensure that only the best materials are chosen and that every feature is crafted to perfection.


At ONA Landscaping, professionalism is paramount. We understand that trust is earned through consistency and reliability. Therefore, from our initial consultation to the final installation, we pledge professional conduct, ensuring that all of your inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly and precisely.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a successful hardscaping project. Our team values clear dialogue and utilizes advanced computer-aided design programs to bring your vision to paper and then to life. This ensures we perfectly align with your goals, preferences, and budget throughout transforming your outdoor space.


Don’t just take our word for it—our clients’ experiences speak volumes about our service quality. We’re proud of the glowing testimonials we’ve received from homeowners who’ve had their outdoor spaces transformed by our team. Their satisfaction and the spaces we’ve crafted for them are the true measures of our success. 

See what our clients are saying:

After two years of home renovation, our yard was literally an acre of mud. Not only was the landscaping uninviting, but heavy rains revealed a plethora of drainage problems that threatened our house. ONA Landscaping came to the rescue!
Unlike his competitors, Matt responded immediately to our email inquiry and was at our home within days to access the project. His process from consultation to final walk about was exemplary.
Throughout the job Matt was responsive to our questions, integrated our desires into all design aspects, maintained flexible execution, highlighted issues along the way, and delivered amazing results with high quality. Matt’s knowledge and access to product (local quarry boulders, high end pavers, etc.) make him an exceptional find among landscaping contractors.
ONA’s project manager, Micah, was schedule focused yet detail driven with impeccable follow-through that resulted in a superior outcome. Their highly skilled earthmover, Eli, precisely built massive rock structures with artisan beauty. Matt’s team worked seamlessly in unison to live up to their motto – we agree that “ONA is a name you can trust”. We highly recommend ONA.

Dr. A Sharma

ONA has done a lot of work for our Tribe and we think they do great work.  great mixtures of plants, shrubs, trees and great vision of what they look like in 10, 20 & 30 years.  Low maintenance design.

W. Ron Allen

We have a new home with some “landscaping” in front.  After meeting with Matt, we realized that ONA Landscaping was the way to go.  Matt has a great eye for tasteful landscaping.  He really listens to what is important to you, and offers great solutions.  Micah and crew are hard working, knowledgeable, respectful and friendly.  “Phase 1” of our project is now completed, and the front of the house is transformed into a private nature park.  Can’t wait for phase 2 in the back of the house.  ONA runs one crew, one job at a time, but they are worth waiting for, and worth every penny.  It was wonderful working with Matt and team.

Ray Ward

Matt took the vision we had for our landscaping, enhanced it and created a spectacular outdoor space that can only be described as “epic”.  His team was responsive to all our concerns, courteous and moved quickly to complete the project to our satisfaction.  We definitely would recommend ONA Landscaping to anyone looking to make their home/property look spectacular.

Peter Mehl

Truly the best on the Peninsula.

Amazing process to transform our yard into a private outdoor living room. Everything from the first call to the last meeting was performed with professionalism and thorough communication.

Matt, the owner, was a master at providing ideas and design for our fairly large landscaping project.  Everything from the grading, drainage, material selection to project management was perfection.

Then the crew is hard working to transform the vision from paper to reality. The result is a definite upgrade!

Our project included 2 flagstone patios, dry stream bed with snags, large mounded drought tolerant planting areas, drainage, electric, water lines, boulder placement, and more. They were on-site for 3 weeks.

Truly a professional top-notch operation. Highly recommend

Nancy McHenry

We needed to have our lot in a new development landscaped, and I liked the work ONA did on a nearby lot.  Matt initially came out with a giant easel and paper to sketch out and write down a basic plan and ideas.  He listened and was great to work with at each step of the way.  He even worked with the existing plants and trees that I had in containers and incorporated them into the plan.  We included drip irrigation and garden path lighting.  We allowed spaces for some future projects.  The plan was revised several times to meet our budget and other needs, and Matt came up with alternative ideas along the way as well as provided resources for pavers, garden path lighting, garden pots and even patio furniture.  We had a challenging sloped back yard to deal with, and the terraced areas turned out great!  Micah and the other guys were hard workers, very efficient, considerate and cleaned up at the end of each day.  I was amazed watching the project evolve.  The yard turned out better that expected because of Matt’s creativity and expertise and the talents of his crew!

Georgia Heisterkamp

ONA Landscping completed our project in September 2021. I contacted Matt the owner, in the spring as our house was expected to be completed in August or September.  He was great to work with:  very responsive to calls or email, excellent project management and design skills. Micah and the installation team did an excellent  job preparing the site, building fencing, gates and raised vegetable beds, adding to the existing rockery and installing the plants and a water feature.  Matt provided an “as built” plan and directions for care when the project was completed.  We are very happy with the design, installation and the quality of materials used in our project.

Donni Hatlestad

I highly recommend ONA Landscaping for any work you need done.  Two yrs ago I called Matt to revamp my front yard. I knew basically what I wanted (curb appeal, low maintenance, year-round color) but couldn’t visualize it.  He listened and ‘got’ what I was asking for, his design and plant choices were great, the end result – beautiful.

It was such a good experience and the work such great quality that when I decided it was time to re-do my backyard, I called Matt. This time I had a good idea of what I wanted and showed him my design.  He took my colored pencil drawing (which was totally out of proportion) and turned it into my dream.  He is calm, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with.

The project involved removing all existing vegetation and obstacles, leveling 2 parts of the yard, transplanting several trees, bushes, and flowers, installing walkways, boulders, raised beds (troughs), and drip irrigation throughout the yard and beds.

I can’t say enough about Micha and the crew. The work they did was stellar, and they even fixed the gate that had been poorly installed by a local fencing company!

They totally transformed a tired, boring yard into an exciting space for people and birds!

Great work!

jo brodo

I highly recommend ONA Landscaping. Matt Ward and his crew are truly exceptional and together created a stunning landscape for my new home.  Matt’s artistry, commitment to client satisfaction and attention to detail in all aspects of the job clearly set ONA apart from landscapers I have worked with in the past.

Elizabeth Donworth

In January 2021 ONA installed two borders of native plants plus a dry creek bed. Matt really listens to what the client wants and has an artistic eye for landscape design. The plants were plentiful enough to fill in nicely even after just one growing season. This is the fourth project ONA has completed for us and as before, it was professional, timely, tidy and beautiful. It is always a pleasure to work with Matt and his team.  And as always, he met his quote and our budget!!

Wendy Meusey

We moved into our new house that had no landscaping at all. We met with Matt and discussed what we wanted in our yard. We wanted a combination of Japanese garden mixed with natural Northwest with an emphasis on food for wildlife. We also needed two patios, one for a hot tub and another for lounging on. Our last request was for some raised planters to do some vegetable gardening in. Boy did we get it all! Matt designed a beautiful yard with bamboo, ferns, natural grasses, huckleberries, trees, and a few pops of flowers.

The crew did a great job! They had to do some land leveling and they built some rock retaining walls. It took about a week of daily work to do it all. They were very considerate of us and cleaned up at the end of each day. They covered our driveway with plywood to protect it from the heavy equipment. They even had a port-a-potty on site for the guys so they didn’t need to come into the house with dirty shoes.

We love sitting on the patio watching and listening to the birds use the fountain for bathing. We have seen deer and raccoons check out our plants too. The nighttime lighting means we can even enjoy the yard after dark.

Matt was a complete pleasure to work with. He responded quickly to emails. He listened to what we wanted and liked and made suggestions for plants to fit our conditions. A complete professional in all ways. If we need more landscaping in the future we’ll be contacting ONA Landscaping again.

Bob Scott

Matt provided beautiful plans, expertly crafted. His crew executed the plans with precision and great skill. It was amazing to watch! Result is a yard-ful of beautiful, hardy, attractive plans that will thrive in a xeriscape environment for many years to come. Matt has also been attentive to any questions or issues after completion of the job.

Ann Harris

A big thank you to ONA’s team!  It was a great experience to watch these guys put our yard together,  just as we had planned it out with Matt.   Dedicated, timely, professional and hard working team.  And when they were finished Matt walked the yard with us and provided us with detailed instructions on  how to care for our plants.

Cherie Stockwell

ONA Landscaping did a great job on our lot…they delivered exactly what I asked for: prepared beds that I could use in my favorite hobby of gardening. They use top-quality materials and are thoroughly professional throughout the process, from initial landscape design to the finished product.

Lynne McCue

We’ve worked with many types of contractors over the years and I have to say, our experience with Matt and his team at ONA Landscaping is genuinely remarkable.  Our work with ONA started 4 months before installation.  In that time and during installation we made multiple changes to the project:  some simple; some not so simple.  While this is not ideal from a contractor’s standpoint, Matt was gracious and professional with all of our requests.

ONA exceeded our expectations with their workmanship, the time in which they completed the project and the quality of the materials used in the installation.

We feel that we paid a fair price for ONA’s work.  We were looking for quality work at a fair price and in our opinion, we received every bit and more of what we paid for.

ONA has one crew – I think that’s a big part of their ability to deliver a quality product.  Be patient:  with their focus on one project at a time, it make take a little longer to get on his schedule, but in our experience, it was well worth the wait.

We heartily recommend Matt Ward and ONA Landscaping and will use them again and again!

Jim Long

Highly recommended! They do cost more—you get the very best. Talk to anyone who has worked with them, you only hear good things. I believe the higher cost reflects the quality of their product and truly livable wages for staff. I enjoyed the entire process from design to finished job. Owner/designer Matt is great. He is honest, open, organized, and I greatly appreciate that he under-promises and then over-delivers rather than the opposite! The install crew -Warren, Eli, Mica, Jubel- worked incredibly hard, were fun to collaborate with, have high standards, great attitudes, great talent, and they enjoy working together!

M whiti

We enjoyed working with Matt and Warren, they helped decide a low maintenance way to go  with a HUGE front yard. their prices were very reasonable. their down to earth ideas were great and we look forward to our new “alternative” lawn to grow in and make the front look beautiful and inviting to the wildlife!

Leslie Hoex

Thank you ONA – our home has been transformed and we love it!

Catherine Hammes

Four years later and still in awe! Continuous compliments from others.

Richard Hansen


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