Patios and Walkways

At ONA, we specialize in Pacific Northwest-style landscaping in Clallam County, Washington. Our landscaping designs turn underutilized yards and gardens into beautiful outdoor living spaces that are sustainable and also good for wildlife. Our designs flow seamlessly through existing environments. They’re also stylish and impactful while still taking a natural approach. Central to many of our designs featuring outdoor living spaces are beautiful patios and walkways.

From patios to dry riverbeds and wildflower meadows, we firmly believe in designing and implementing landscapes that mimic natural environments in unique and functional ways. Once established, ONA’s landscapes are low impact, self-sustaining and eco-friendly, conserving water as well as low maintenance. Nature is at the very heart of what we do, as reflected in our name: Optimal Natural Arrangements.

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Benefits of Northwest-Style Patios and Walkways

Access and Usability

Our patios and walkways provide excellent access and usability throughout our landscaping schemes. They do so beautifully and without detracting from other aspects of our designs. It’s a testament to our natural approach to landscaping. From an informal stepping stone pathway winding through your garden, to a natural flagstone walkway leading to your front entrance or outdoor living area. We have many choices to suit your individual preferences and needs.


ONA Landscaping’s walkway designs compliment our landscaping themes and elements of your home. That’s while neatly blending into the surrounding environment so as not to be unnecessarily distracting.

Patios and Walkways on the Olympic Peninsula

At ONA Landscaping, we’re proud to be the highest-rated landscaping company on the Olympic Peninsula. Recognized for our residential and commercial landscaping designs, we’re famed for our patios and walkways.

Our Northwest-style patios and walkways don’t just boast fantastic quality, usability and appearance, they also come with numerous other benefits.

Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living

The basis of our hardscape-focused approach to outdoor living spaces, our patios and walkways routinely form an integral part of what’s often a low-maintenance piece of outdoor living space. With hardscape areas, you have minimal to no weeding.

Impactful Simplicity

Using stepping stones, for example, our carefully considered walkways or patio additions can add beauty to any outdoor living space. Practical at the same time, our team has decades of experience installing hardscaping that are as beautiful as they are useful. We make every effort to ensure your patio and walkways last for many years to come.

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Patio and Walkway Planning and Design

From start to finish, our team is well qualified and experienced in planning, designing, and implementing any number of patios and walkways. In addition to all of the above, we can also plan, design, and install:

  • Boulders rockeries
  • Aggregate and rock products
  • Edging products
  • Dry riverbeds and water features

These blend seamlessly with our patios, walkways, retaining walls, steps, stairs, outdoor kitchen areas, and fire pits. We’re also on hand with various other landscape design services that perfectly complement our walkways, patios, and other features. These services include:

  • Erosion control
  • Soil and mulches
  • Native planting
  • Wildflower meadows
  • Northwest-suitable plants
  • Metal art and fabrication
  • Low-voltage lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Fences and screens
  • Drip irrigation
  • Eco lawns

Also included is all on-site work, such as demolition, excavation, and grading. The result? Beautifully and expertly executed outdoor living spaces that will be the envy of your neighbors.

A Natural Approach to Patios and Walkways

If you’re searching for beautiful, low-maintenance patios and walkways that are earth-friendly and help to conserve water, look no further than ONA Landscaping. All of our designs focus on emulating nature, reducing reliance on fertilizers and chemicals, and saving you money in the process through lower maintenance.

With that, our commitment to a natural approach provides results that are beautiful to observers while also being truly good for the planet. We are always on the search to find high quality, low impact products that are earth friendly and sustainable. Whenever possible we will choose products that are reusable/recyclable/up cycleable.

We use only the finest quality materials. Accordingly, we’re dedicated to delivering patios, walkways, and other landscaping that homeowners can enjoy for generations to come.

A Natural Approach to Patios and Walkways

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ONA Landscaping is a proud member of the Sequim Chamber of Commerce. Optimal Natural Arrangements has been in business for more than four decades, offering expert landscaping services in Sequim, Port Angeles, and the greater Olympic Peninsula area since 1977.

All projects come with a two-year workmanship guarantee and promise the highest possible levels of client satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can transform your outdoor space.