Hardscaping in Sequim, WA

What is hardscaping? Simply put, hardscaping is any of the non-living elements in your landscape design. As the name suggests, these are the harder design elements in your space like concrete, rocks, bricks, pavers, natural stone, metal edging, metal art, metal fabrication and wood.

Examples of hardscaping projects that use these materials are:

  • Water features and dry river beds
  • Natural flagstone or paver patios and walkways
  • Metal edging along planting beds or gravel walkways
  • Cedar fencing and privacy screens
  • Deer fencing
  • Metal fabrication for screens, arbors, trellises, planters, water features, and more, adding a rustic or unique look.
  • Timber stairs and walls
  • Aggregate products for gravel paths, rock borders around your home, retaining walls, custom decorative retaining walls, accent boulders, and boulder rockeries
  • Boulder, brick, or metal fire pits
  • Wood framed gazebos, pergolas, and trellises.
Hardscaping in Sequim, WA
Hardscaping in Sequim, WA

Hardscaping improves the value of your property and makes your yard a more functional space to spend time. Whether you’re seeking a way to create better spaces for entertaining, or you simply want to dress up your outdoor space to make your home more attractive, these outdoor design features are an investment that can improve the value of your home and enhance your outdoor living experience.

At ONA Landscaping, we specialize in hardscaping for homeowners and business owners on the Olympic Peninsula. We work with our clients to install a variety of features to coordinate with your landscaping and meet the goals for your property.

Hardscaping and landscaping go hand in hand, so if you’re installing new landscaping on your property, ask us about our services! We’ll be happy to show you pictures from our gallery and previous projects, so you can decide if our outdoor installation services are right for you.


Since 1977 we have been performing quality installations that last for years. The professionals at ONA Landscaping work with only the best materials and install all products with skill.  All of our hardscaping services come with an industry best 2 year warranty.


How can you tell that you’re working with a talented landscaping and hardscaping company? See the testimonials on our website to read more about the wonderful experiences that our clients have had with our company. Need more information? Call, text, or email us today so that we may better assist you in answering questions in more detail.


Every interaction with our clients is handled with professionalism. We know it’s important to answer your questions with accuracy and in a timely manner. Don’t give your time and energy to a landscaping company that treats you any differently.


The key to installing functional hardscaping and landscaping in Sequim, WA is great communication with our clients. Our mission is to find out the wants and needs so that we can make sensible, common sense recommendations that not only fit the goals and budget but also truly enhance the space. We know that communicating landscaping and hardscaping projects can be difficult, which is why we use our computer aided design program. This ensures it will be easy to communicate the details of the project to both the client and the installation team.

Water features provide the sights and sounds of water while attracting and nurturing wildlife during drought periods. Want the look of a water feature without the water? Add more interest to your planting beds or a steep slope with dry river beds. Dry river beds can emulate nature and create impact with large boulders, river rock along with a perfectly positioned log or stump.

Installing a patio or walkway on your property can improve the value of your property while also creating more space for entertaining outdoors. Do you love to relax in your backyard? You’ll love it even more when you have a patio.  Where else would you place a hammock is where you don’t have to move it every time to mow the lawn.

Paver patios are great for evenly flat spaces to accommodate chairs and tables. There are many different styles and patterns, and they are long lasting.  Flagstone patios have a more natural and rustic feel. You can still have tables and chairs and allow planting ground cover in between the cracks for additional interest.

Walkways give you a solid base to walk on and make it much easier to cross your property or walk around your buildings.. Walkways are important for safety and functionality. Natural stone and paver walkways can add interest and beauty to your project and in some cases lower your maintenance efforts.

Metal edging is a great way to separate lawns from planting beds as well as add a defining edge for low maintenance. We also offer metal edging circles for use around trees.

Research has already been done and the recommended products have been proven. We have the tools and know how to ensure a quality installation.

Screens add interest and privacy without the expense of a traditional fence. They can also help create “rooms” outside.

Fences are generally used for maximum privacy and securement. We recommend choosing a 6’ fence for your property.

We only use local, sawn thick cedar along with oversized, special order Doug Fir Pressure Treated posts that will last many years.

For maximum protection from deer, consider a deer fence for your garden or even your entire property.  Our deer fence is constructed of black poly deer fence materials and black posts to help it fade into the background.

We have the ability to add custom screens, arbors, trellis, planters, water features and much more for a rustic or unique look.  We work with a local designer/fabrication contractor to custom build whatever the client desires.

In many cases, terrain changes and slopes will require stairs to make it easier to walk up and down safely without slipping or disturbing your landscape. In low clearance situations, a timber wall is a great way to break grade or retain the landscape. It also adds a nice, rustic look. We only use oversized, special order Doug Fir Pressure Treated posts or pole building pressure treated posts secured with rebar spikes.

For pathways and driveways, we offer local quarry products including granite and basalt with fines to pack down or “clean” for a decorative look. We also use 2-6” river rock and larger Dungeness round rock for water feature streambeds and dry streambeds. We have the equipment to import and compact aggregates.

To add impact and interest to your planting beds, we suggest adding boulders and rockeries to your landscape. Accent boulders have many uses in landscaping ranging from retaining walls to artful placement as a focal point.

Boulders are also key to most water feature construction projects. They can be utilized as sitting rocks near your fire pit or pathway, steps to traverse a hillside, or placed specifically to create a birdbath.
Rockeries can help shore up a slope that doesn’t require a retaining wall or can be added at the front of a planting bed. Whatever the use, rockeries always look nice and add interest.

We have equipment in-house with the ability to lift and install ½ man or 1-5 man and can arrange for cranes to install accent boulders ranging from a few thousand pounds to 5 tons or more. We have access to ½ man, 1-5 man, or larger sizes in local basalt rock. Or special order Columbia Granite can be added. We can also arrange for a wide variety of specialty boulders.

Suggested for entertaining, outdoor cooking or warmth for cooler times of the year. There are a variety of options from building a custom boulder fire pit, to fire pit kits, in wood burning or propane as well as many great portable fire pits.

To truly escape the sun and rain, consider a gazebo roof system to enjoy your outdoor space year round.  Pergolas can also offer protection from the sun and add architectural elements to your patio.  Trellises can support climbing vines.

Why Work with ONA Landscaping?

At ONA Landscaping we take pride in our work and enjoy creating outdoor masterpieces. We never cut corners and use high-quality materials that are designed to last. Want to know more about installing hardscaping on your property? Work with the experts. Contact ONA Landscaping to make an appointment for a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.